Chris Hedges Interviews Matthew Hoh About Status of Afghanistan War; Jimmy Dore Deconstructs CNN’s Whitewashing of Libyan War

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On this week’s episode of On Contact, Chris Hedges takes an in-depth look at the 16-year-old conflict in Afghanistan with Matthew Hoh, a Marine Corps veteran and diplomat who resigned his State Department post in Afghanistan in protest over the war. RT Correspondent Anya Parampil looks at the decades of U.S. involvement in Afghanistan.

Watch this important interview here:


A few days ago, Jimmy Dore did a show deconstructing how misleading a recent CNN segment on what’s going on in Libya was.   CNN started it’s timeline after the overthrow of Qaddafi and conveniently left out how the various militias fighting for control of the country emerged and who has been backing them.

As Dore shows, it’s not like this important contextual information isn’t out there.  Hillary Clinton’s emails, which were voluntarily released at the beginning of 2016, revealed that the desire to overthrow the Qaddafi government (which had always allowed women’s rights and had achieved the highest standard of living in all of Africa with a welfare state that would put Scandinavia to shame) was primarily driven by then-French president Nicholas Sarkozy who wanted to acquire control of Libyan oil, maintain influence in the former French colonies of Africa, and to stop Qaddafi’s plan to establish a gold-backed currency that would have provided African economic independence.   The emails also show that western special ops agents were in country at the beginning of the protests, creating provocations.   Genocide by NATO-backed “rebels” against black Libyans who were considered to be loyal to Qaddafi are also documented.

Watch Dore’s brilliant critique of the CNN report here:

4 thoughts on “Chris Hedges Interviews Matthew Hoh About Status of Afghanistan War; Jimmy Dore Deconstructs CNN’s Whitewashing of Libyan War”

  1. I do believe the emails showed that hillabillie state department with special ops types were able remove Libya gold from the country. The Libya gold in Amerikan banks turned to vapor, how strange;)

    In reading about Libya lately the General that worked for Gaddafi and later had a falling without with him is winning the battle in Libya. I thought he was cia but it looks like he might of played them. He was educated by Russia military, speaks Russian and has hired a Russian company for mine removal in a major industrial area. He is also friends with Gaddafi oldest son who could by yrs end be leading the nation again. That would be a good thing.
    Thanks for the links

  2. Stephen Gowans’s book, “Washington’s Long War On Syria,” is indispensable for getting a good overall background understanding of all the turmoil that the US and its allies are causing in the Middle East. In a nutshell, he explains that the targets (listed by Wesley Clark as early as 2001) are Arab nationalist, socialist states, which Wall Street and Washington have chosen to target for extra special attention due to their being especially what they do not want to see. Take Syria for example, Bashar al-Assad’s secular Syria is also socialist (set aside details) and democratic. (At a glance, it doesn’t seem that Syria is democratic. Stephen takes more than a glance.) His government is opposed to the global dictatorship of the United States and supportive of those supporting Palestinian rights (although it would be interesting to know whether Assad has bought weapons or training from Israel, like just about everyone else). Assad, like his father before him, dreams of a united Arab bloc of 400 million Arabs united (Saudis and all Gulf monarchies included) not by religion but by nationality, in which the oil wealth of the region is used by Arabs for Arabs, firstly.

    Syria is being targetted for the same reasons that Saddam and Gaddaffi were targetted. And Syria would already be gone by now if Washington had not decided to destroy it by means other than invasion. Invasion was the plan. They didn’t follow their destruction of Iraq with an invasion of Syria because they decided that their forces were a little strained at the time. Cue the crazy, godless Sunni political Muslims.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Arby. I have yet to read Gowans’ book but it is definitely on my to-read list. I’ve seen interviews with him and read some of his articles/blog posts. He sounds very well-informed.

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