Help Fund My Book on Understanding Russia and U.S.-Russia Relations

St. Basil’s Cathedral, Red Square, Moscow; photo by Natylie S. Baldwin, Oct. 2015

Russia is the world’s other nuclear superpower – the only country that has the ability to destroy the United States within 30 minutes.  It is also the planet’s largest country and 6th largest in terms of purchasing power parity. 

Recent studies indicate a majority of Americans now view Russia as a threat to U.S. interests.  But surveys also indicate a desire among Americans for improving relations, which means embarking on effective diplomacy. 

Unfortunately, our corporate media – and even some of our alternative media – has left a gaping hole in its journalistic duty to inform Americans and provide contextual understanding of this critical issue.  That includes providing Russia’s perspective. 

What is the Russian view and what has shaped it?  In my forthcoming self-published book, “The View from Moscow:  Understanding Russia and U.S.-Russia Relations,” I will help you understand Russia’s unique history, geography and culture and how it influences current Russian policy.  I also discuss the interests in Washington that are obstacles to détente and why.  

I am an independent journalist and writer with over 5 years experience delving into the history of Russia and U.S.-Russia relations, including 2 trips to 6 different cities in the Russian Federation and interviews with a cross-section of Russians about their views of Putin, the Russian economy,  the Yeltsin era, U.S.-Russia relations, the Russian Revolution and more.  I’ve had numerous articles published on these topics at Consortium News.  

The projected publication date of my book is July of 2019.  I currently have funds to finance the book cover design, conversion and distribution, but need help with paying $1,700 for a professional copy editor.  

Each person who donates $100 will receive an autographed hard copy of the book (with mailing address provided).

Each person who donates $200 will receive an autographed hard copy of the book, along with the their name listed on the Acknowledgments page.

All donations, large or small, are greatly appreciated in helping me get this book out to the world.  Thank you.

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