Aaron Mate Talks to MIT Professor Theodore Postol About Dissolution of INF Treaty, How Obama Administration Undermined the Treaty in 2009, and Why Tulsi Gabbard is Correct to Question MSM Narrative on Syria

In this series of interviews with MIT Professor Theodore Postol, award-winning journalist Aaron Mate discusses how the dissolution of the INF Treaty is already impacting a nuclear arms race between the U.S. and Russia, what the accusations of violations on both sides were, and how previous policy mistakes paved the way for distrust and eventual disintegration of the treaty.

In this first video, Postol goes into the recent testing off the coast of California by the U.S. of a missile that was prohibited by the INF and what the consequences of an escalated nuclear arms race are:

In this next video, Postol discusses the action of the Obama administration in 2009 that not only contributed to sabotaging the “re-set” with Russia, but helped pave the way for the Trump administration’s ultimate dumping of the INF framework of arms control.

In this final video, Postol explains why Tulsi Gabbard is correct, based on the scientific evidence, to question the narrative put forth by both Washington and the establishment media regarding alleged chemical weapons attacks by the Syrian government.

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