Nicolai Petro: This Is How Ukraine Will Destroy the Rule of Law While Claiming to Defend it

By Nicolai Petro, The National Interest, 11/3/20

In the year following his election, Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky’s approval has fallen from 73 percent to a new low in the latest local elections. Although several run-off elections have yet to be held, it is already clear that the president’s party, “Servant of the People,” suffered a major defeat, being unable to win a single mayoral race or even a majority in any regional parliament or city council.

Such a precipitous fall from electoral grace can be attributed in part to professional incompetence and failure to keep his campaign promises, but in even greater measure it stems from Zelensky’s betrayal of his core electorate, which lies in the predominantly Russian-speaking East and South. Since Petro Poroshenko had run on an arch-nationalist agenda, proclaiming “It’s Poroshenko or Putin,” Zelensky’s appeal, stemmed largely from the fact that he was running as the anti-Poroshenko. Ukrainians were tired of the previous president’s efforts to divide the nation along the lines of his campaign slogan-“Army, Language, Faith”-and handed Poroshenko a resounding defeat in every region of Ukraine, except Lviv.

Now, Zelensky seems to think that he has found a way to return to center stage by declaring Ukraine’s entire Constitutional Court a threat to national security. “In a matter of hours,” the president told his party faction in the parliament, “the judges of the Constitutional Court have set the country on the edge of catastrophe. It will either be pulled into bloody chaos, or the state as a system of transparent rules and agreements will cease to exist.”

What did the Constitutional Court, the nation’s final authority in constitutional matters, do that was so awful? 

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One thought on “Nicolai Petro: This Is How Ukraine Will Destroy the Rule of Law While Claiming to Defend it”

  1. Ukraine has been a buffer area since the gradual fragmentation of the Golder Horde Khanate, in fourteenth centuries. It had been contested and occupied by multiple players, including the Lithuania, Common Wealth of Poland/Lithuania, the Crimea Khanate and the Ottoman Empire, and finally it fell under the dominance of the Russian Empire in the seventeen and eighteenth centuries. In the twentieth century, the Germans occupied Ukraine twice. After the dissolution of Soviet Union in 1991, Ukraine declared its independence. Of course, the so-called Western imperialists of the Brzezinski school would definitely take the advantage of the situation. In 2014, Ukraine was again taken as a vassal state by the NATO countries, under the disguise of a “democratic movement”, which in fact was a coup d’état orchestrated by the Neocons of the U.S. state department.
    If the Ukrainians were paying enough attention to their own tumultuous history, they should have been able to conclude that anti-Russia policy is the most harmful to the benefits of the Ukrainian people. Unfortunately, up to today, they are still totally brain-washed by the Western controlled media and indulge in a wild dream of getting free money from the West.
    The consequence is they will continue to elect those hired politicians treacherous to them one after another.

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