Lev Golinkin: How many western monuments honor fascists, Nazis and murderers of Jews? You’ll be shocked.

Stepan Bandera, Leader of the Ukrainian OUN, terrorist and Nazi collaborator

By Lev Golinkin, The Forward, 1/26/21

The most curious thing about last year’s protests that toppled statues of slavers and colonizers is that the monuments of Holocaust perpetrators didn’t even make headlines.

Yet a Forward investigation reveals there are hundreds of statues and monuments in the United States and around the world to people who abetted or took part in the murder of Jews and others during the Holocaust.

The Nazi collaborators of Central and Eastern Europe weren’t as fastidious at keeping records as their Third Reich allies, which makes it difficult to arrive at a precise number of their victims. As a rough estimate, the Nazi collaborators honored with monuments on U.S. soil represent governments, death squads and paramilitaries that murdered a half million Jews, Poles and Bosnians.

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