Video: The NATO Conquest of Eastern Europe

This neat little 10 minute video gives an overview of how NATO evolved into a never-ending military juggernaut that it was not originally intended to be. The video provides footage of Dwight Eisenhower – NATO’s first commander – explaining that if the alliance was still in existence 10 years hence, it would mean that it had failed in its objective.

The video goes over how the alliance expanded after the dissolution of its Soviet counterpart, the Warsaw Pact, and despite promises that it would not expand “one inch east” beyond a unified Germany. The video ends with AP State Department reporter Matt Lee taking then-State Department spokesman John Kirby to task during a press conference for suggesting that it was Russia at NATO’s doorstep when it was NATO that had expanded to Russia’s border. I remember this exchange when it occurred several years ago. It’s an example of what a real journalist is supposed to do: hold those in power to account for their words and actions, not simply be a mindless stenographer.

The NATO Conquest of Eastern Europe

3 thoughts on “Video: The NATO Conquest of Eastern Europe”

  1. At the end of this video is a reference to another one in the series: “A U-2 and Peace Were Sabotaged in 1960”. I highly recommend this. As for the expansion of NATO, there are some signs of cracks in NATO at its heart: Germany and even France. An increasingly tarnished and demanding U.S.A. may find it ever harder to keep Europe away from Russian energy and grain and manufactures from East Asia.

  2. NATO has been the single most harmful entity to the continuation of human species for decades, which our government continues to perpetuate. And so far, there no serious and significant effort from our people to challenge its existence.
    To make the situation worse, the culprits continue to put out all kinds of fringing distractions.

  3. All you need to know about American (and NATO) perfidy is to watch that poor American Officer twisting in the wind trying to explain how NATO’s move East was Russian aggression.

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