Medea Benjamin & Nicholas Davies: What Planet is NATO Living On?


By Medea Benjamin & Nicholas Davies,, 2/24/21

The February meeting of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) Defense Ministers, the first since President Biden took power, revealed an antiquated, 75-year-old alliance that, despite its military failures in Afghanistan and Libya, is now turning its military madness toward two more formidable, nuclear-armed enemies: Russia and China.

This theme was emphasized by U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin in a Washington Post op-ed in advance of the NATO meeting, insisting that “aggressive and coercive behaviors from emboldened strategic competitors such as China and Russia reinforce our belief in collective security.”

Using Russia and China to justify more Western military buildup is a key element in the alliance’s new “Strategic Concept,” called NATO 2030: United For a New Era, which is intended to define its role in the world for the next ten years….

….As Michael Klare explains in a NATO Watch report on NATO 2030, every step the US is taking with NATO is “intended to integrate it into US plans to fight and defeat China and Russia in all-out warfare.”

The US Army’s plan for an invasion of Russia, which is euphemistically called “The US Army in Multi-Domain Operations,” begins with missile and artillery bombardments of Russian command centers and defensive forces, followed by an invasion by armored forces to occupy key areas and sites until Russia surrenders.

Unsurprisingly, Russia’s defense strategy in the face of such an existential threat would not be to surrender, but to retaliate against the United States and its allies with nuclear weapons.

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2 thoughts on “Medea Benjamin & Nicholas Davies: What Planet is NATO Living On?”

  1. Planet DumbAss? whilst using the Nebula of Delusion as an interstellar jumping off point?

    America has become laughable in so many ways of late but no more so than their Military. Haven’t fought a peer enemy in 70 years, haven’t beaten a peer (or near peer) enemy in 70 years, despite being at war non stop since 1941. Can’t beat the Taliban in 20 years, Lost in Iraq (lost the people a long time ago), lost in Syria, turned Libya from the most prosperous Country in Africa into a rubble filled anarchic hell hole full of jihadist militias (thanks Hillary) BUT best buds with the Saudis whose Al Qaeda brethren committed 9/11.
    They’re GREAT at genocide though (killing one in every 5 Koreans during that war, slaughtering over 3 million Vietnamese, and now who knows how many years into their muslim genocide in the middle east, currently running at around 2 million dead including half a million children – Americans must be so proud!) America has killed over 20 million people in its various wars and regime change operations since the end of WWII. Booyah!
    They churn out massively expensive un-usable junk hardware (Zumwalt class, now heading for mothballs after only 3 builds, F35 the greatest single waste of money in military history, ($1.1 trillion and counting) 4 nuclear aircraft carriers totalling almost 50 billion dollars non of which are in service – one of which has been commissioned but still isn’t in service – see 2020 INSURV Report – and non of which could survive in any kind of conflict with the Russians – be interesting to see how they’d try and stop self manoeuvring missiles travelling at 32000 kph)

    Americas military is an overpriced joke. Low morale, massively high suicide rates, the fact that they believe that either they or NATO (please, no laughing at the back) could even compete in a war with Russia is risible. The question is not how did America lose the ability to win wars, it is how did they lose the ability to even fight wars? The only place the ‘mighty’ American armed forces have ever really existed is in Hollywood movies and most of those in recent years have celebrated ‘glorious’ defeats in Afghanistan and elsewhere (and many successes against invading ‘alien’ forces)
    Ok, hands up, kudos to the US Navy it is certainly the biggest and was the best but is now just a multi trillion dollar bunch of floating coffins waiting to be sent to the bottom in short order a 1000 km from Russian shores. (I’m excepting their Submarine force – excellent, but whose only real effect is in the Nuclear arena)
    What happened to you America, you used to be cool and I used to think that Idiocracy was a sub par gross out movie, turns out it was a documentary all along.

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