Gilbert Doctorow: A Reductionist Approach to the Forthcoming Biden-Putin Summit in Geneva

By Gilbert Doctorow, 5/30/21

…Most recently, Biden was in line with fellow Democrats in condemning the Russian imprisonment of opposition activist Alexei Navalny. In short, the Democrats, and Biden at their helm, had made Russia into the great villain behind most every development domestically or internationally harmful to American interests. The culmination was Biden’s confirmation a little more than a month ago to a television reporter that Putin “is a killer.”

So why is Joe Biden pressing ahead with a meeting so early in his tenure in office? We are told that the objective is to achieve “greater stability” in bilateral relations. But I have not heard from our commentators what stability is to be addressed. In the brief essay which follows, I will attempt to fill that void. In doing so, I will ignore all the aforementioned agenda items, which I consider to be little more than a distraction to draw public attention away from the essence of the forthcoming meeting, from what is driving the American side since it is simply too embarrassing for hubristic American elites to swallow this truth.

In my reductionist approach, the summit has one driver behind it, namely to put a cap on an arms race that the United States is losing, if it has not already irrevocably lost, and to prevent the adverse shift in the strategic balance against America from getting still worse. The side benefit would be to strike down planned military expenditures budgeted for well over a trillion dollars to modernize the nuclear triad alone. This would thereby free funds for the massive infrastructure investments that Biden is presently trying to push through Congress.

In saying this, I am not guessing or engaging in wishful thinking. I am basing myself on facts that go back to March 2018. These facts are not being marshalled today by my peers, firstly because foreign policy commentators in the public domain tend not to have memories that go back more than a month or two, and secondly because the facts themselves were officially suppressed at the time and never appeared in the mainstream media. What publication there was occurred in the so-called alternative media, by the efforts of myself and a few other contrarians, as I will detail below….

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3 thoughts on “Gilbert Doctorow: A Reductionist Approach to the Forthcoming Biden-Putin Summit in Geneva”

  1. Gilbert Doctorow is drawing perceptive deductions concerning the upcoming meeting. Of course, Biden will be simply the messenger for the CFR. But if arms reduction is the message that should be good news for most Americans who have given up on expecting anything comprehensive to alleviate the polarization of wealth and the downward spiral of the economy.

  2. Thanks, Natylie, for this post. Gilbert reminds about the ‘killer’ characterization by Biden of Putin. At the time Putin replied with the Russian version of our ‘It takes one to know one’ which was akin to ‘you are what you call others’.

    And, what irony for American presidents to call anyone a killer. We certainly are the world’s biggest killers by far, having become death, destroyers of countries. Do our presidents believe they are fooling everyone?

  3. The Doctorow report is breathtaking. It gives one hope that a Third and Final World War may be averted, and maybe even that Russia can pry the Evil Empire out of Syria and Iraq and force the West to let the world, especially China, help rebuild the countries we have tried to destroy, including also Venezuela, Nicaragua, Cuba, Bolivia, Brazil, Serbia, Iran, Indonesia, Korea…In other words, an end to the Pox Americana.

    Your best post, Natylie–Thanks!

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