2 thoughts on “Former Ukraine president Poroshenko: Minsk agreements were used to “win 8 years to create the army””

  1. Pretty much tells the story. Both he and Zelensky were implicated in the Panama papers and it would not surprise me if they had investments in the American weapons industry. Nothing is impossible . If I were Ukrianian and realized that this entire war could have been avoided, by simply signing the Minsk 2 agreement, I would want both their heads on a platter. They have both betrayed their people.

  2. This is more evidence that plans for this war were concocted long ago. The US/NATO decided that Ukraine would be the venue for taking on a revitalized Russia and that everything would be done to provoke Russia by insisting on NATO membership. Minsk II was clearly another ploy to gain time. During the 8 years the CIA and US military trained and equipped the Ukrainian forces and turned it into a de facto NATO member. One thing that has not been connected to this war but which should be is the US decision to pull out of Afghanistan. What was the reason for the timing? Biden/Blinken/Sullivan/Nuland knew what may be unfolding in Ukraine in the very near future, so it was imperative to end the Afghan war—not because it was illegal and criminal but rather to focus all CIA and US military attention on the upcoming proxy war. Biden is an unrepentant Cold Warrior—it’s all he knows. And so he continues to pump in more weapons and up the ante. One thing is clear. The longer this war drags on, the closer the world is to a nuclear conflagration, as Dmitri Simes has warned.

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