Walking Tour of Summertime Moscow

If you want to see what Moscow looks like in summertime, check out this video of a walking tour of part of the city from last July.

This is a video from the YouTube channel Lost in Moscow. Check out them out here. According to the notes at YouTube:

“Streets and remarkable places seen within this video: Tower 2000 and Bagration Bridge // One Tower // Evolution Tower // Imperia Tower // City of Capitals // Naberezhnaya Tower // IQ-quarter // Eurasia Tower // Federation Tower // Mercury City Tower // Grand Tower // OKO // Neva Towers // Northern Tower // Bagration Bridge // Delovoy Tsentr (Moscow Central Circle) // Afimall City”

4 thoughts on “Walking Tour of Summertime Moscow”

  1. We were in Moscow in 2014 and I don’t recall seeing this number of tall, fancy buildings. Have most of them been put up in the last eight years?

    What is familiar are the large number of luxury cars on the streets, some stretch versions of BMWs, Mercedes, etc. that I doubt can be seen in our capitol.

    Thanks, Natylie.

  2. Thank you so much Natylie! I wonder what part of Moscow the walk is taking place in? It looks so modern that it’s difficult to recognise it as Moscow, old Moscow I knew and remember. The super modern architecture and skyscrapers make it difficult to situate in Moscow – the walk (or was it a ride?) could be almost anywhere in a large city like Seattle, etc or in Canary Wharf in London ..
    I feel nostalgic for Moscow streets in the centre (Kuznetski Most tube station and the environs, etc) and the Moscow state university area .. Would love to identify, if possible, where in Moscow was this walk filmed in.
    I am really greatful for all your posts and for your objective coverage of this Ukraine conflict! ♥️

    1. If you go to the original YouTube site for this video, it has a list in the description of the major areas during the walk. The YouTube channel is called “Lost in Moscow”. I will likely be posting more videos of theirs here in the future.

    2. I have updated the post with some additional information about this video and where it came from.

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