Foremost Russia Expert Stephen F. Cohen Interviewed by John Batchelor: Is War with Russia Possible?

“Finally, Cohen reports, an influential faction in Kremlin politics has long insisted, behind closed doors, that the US-led West is preparing an actual hot war against Russia, and that Putin has not prepared the country adequately at home or abroad. During the past two weeks, this struggle over policy has erupted in public with three prominent members of the Russian elite charging, sometimes implicitly but also explicitly, that Putin has supported his “fifth column” government headed by Prime Minister Dmitrii Medvedev. They are not seeking to remove Putin; there is no alternative to him and his public approval ratings, exceeding 80 percent, are too high. But they do want his government replaced and their own policies adopted. Those policies include a Soviet-style mobilization of the economy for war, and more proactive military policies abroad, especially in Ukraine. Cohen wonders whether US and NATO policymakers are sleepwalking toward war with Russia or whether they actively seek it. ”


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3 thoughts on “Foremost Russia Expert Stephen F. Cohen Interviewed by John Batchelor: Is War with Russia Possible?”

  1. Natylie,

    As noted before, this situation is ominously reminiscent of the British Empire elites provocations of Germany in the years leading up to the First World War. You know the one that was going to be over by Christmas and which then morphed into the Great War to end All Wars until the Next One Arrived aka the Second World War…..Sheer madness.

  2. He is a great historian of Stalinism who has been celebrated by colleagues on the left and right. So why is Stephen F. Cohen so eager to act as a propagandist for Putin?

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