Donbass: Documentary by French Journalist

Anne-Laure Bonnel is a French free-lance journalist and documentary film-maker. She made “Donbass” during a 2015 trip to the area to report on the civil war there. Western mainstream media outlets have attempted to smear Bonnel and her work in Donbass.

One thought on “Donbass: Documentary by French Journalist”

  1. Thanks so much Natalie for posting this incredible documentary. It was very difficult to watch, to see all the suffering that carried on for years without any effort by the “international community” to put an end to it. When the people of Kosovo were under siege in the 1990s, NATO bombed Serbia, which led to the independence of Kosovo. Contrast that with the Donbass, which has been under siege since 2014. Instead of NATO bombing to save the people of the Donbass, the US and CIA has been training and arming the Ukrainian army to help them tighten the siege. Let’s face it—the current war in Ukraine is a full blown proxy war between the US and Russia. The war mongers in Washington have now publicly declared that the goal is to destroy the Russian economy and destroy its military capability. Every day this war continues, the threat of nuclear conflagration gets closer and closer. It’s clear that the US and NATO are under the control of madmen who simply don’t give a damn.

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