2 thoughts on “Does Nuclear War Loom with Russia? Dmitri Simes Discusses His Recent Trip to Moscow and Conversations with Russian Officials and Experts”

  1. This is outstanding and sheeshs! one would hope the folks on ‘top’ of the Western powers are listening and learning. This man is so honest and real and brings real truth to bear on things…I’d also hope that Chomsky and other known commentator will see this and are asked their views in response. Not that they will determine the views of the those in power in the US but there is the ripple effect and one can hope. Natlyies Baldwin thank you as always. I do hope one day you have a chance to give talks and so we can all go see you . PS (which is really quite ‘funny’ in a comment! but anyhow, the recent posting from Siberia was a real heart warming and fantastic post! Keep bring Russia to the West ! It’s in sore need of learning about this great people with their rights and wrongs like everyone.

  2. Sorry about the mistakes in that comment but there doesn’t seem to be a edit gizmo or button of some sort in word press and I write my comments very quickly. And again speaking for myself and I am sure of the other subscribers, your work is not falling on deaf ears. Because if obviously the Russians and Putin are full of mistakes and having made choices which look irredeemable so to has the West created more than its share of disasters for humanity. The worst of all of this, is that is does not have to be this way there was and is another way. Not war not hatred but talking talking and listening to learn and learning to surrender old of ideas of territory war and property greed and its like the wealth of nations changed into a wealth of peoples world wide. Sounds sentimental and idealistic,well it’s better than people being killed with the insanity of war machines .

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