One thought on “The Grayzone Discusses Navalny with Russian & Russian-American Leftists”

  1. Thanks for posting the Greyzone interview, Natalie. What’s become clear is that there are protestors that are not associated with Navalny but I found it difficult to define any specific aims except that both Katya and Alexey appear to position themselves somewhere on the non-neoliberal left. I got the impression that they might represent regions that feel under-represented in the Russian federation, rather than anything ideologically based.

    As far as Navalny is concerned I was pleased that Aaron made clear his association with Bellingcat and its covert propaganda mission. It seems he is either naive or a political chameleon.

    The overall impression is that many Russians have become impatient with Putin. There is talk of corruption but I haven’t heard any specific proposals on just what could be done to change that administratively.

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